Here are a few frequently asked questions... For a full information document CLICK HERE

Q. Do I need to prepare inflatable site?
A. Yes, please remove ALL debris from the area. This includes pet poop, large rocks, kid’s toys, hoses, sprinklers and lawn decorations. Please DO NOT cut the grass a MINIMUM of 2 DAYS PRIOR to your event. Freshly cut grass may incur an additional cleaning fee.

Q. Are your inflatable’s clean?
A. Yes, we clean every inflatable after each rental using a Germicidal cleaner. If the inflatable has not been set up recently, we will do a thorough wipe down at your event.

Q. Are your inflatable’s safe?
A. Yes, by following the safety procedures and having adult supervision, all inflatables are safe. A Bouncers Paradise inflatables are securely staked into the ground. If you are renting inside, a canvas bag filled with sand is used to securely hold the inflatable.

Q. Does A Bouncers Paradise have insurance?
A. Yes, A Bouncers Paradise is fully insured and an insurance certificate is available upon request.

Q. What time do you deliver and pick up the bounce house?
A. A Bouncers Paradise starts delivering inflatable’s at 7:30 a.m. Deliveries are complete by noon depending on number of bookings. Pick ups are scheduled prior to our leaving premises after drop off.

Q. How far in advance should I make my reservation?
A. Our bounce houses are very popular! We recommend you reserve your inflatable as soon as you have a date and time for your event.

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